1957 Chevrolet Corvette C1

Ex Arturo Keller in perfect running order.

Selling in order of private customer.

1957 Chevrolet Corvette Dual Quad 270hp 
s/n E57S102634 Engine no. F227EG

• Engine block: On the driver’s side, at the rear, a casting number reads “3731548”. On the passenger’s side, at the front, a stamping reads “F227EG”, noting a solid lifter 283/270hp, 548 block, Flint Plant, February 22nd, 1957, EG= 270HP. 

• Transmission: This particular car has a T-10 with the following casting numbers “T-10 1B” on the main case, and “T-10 7B” on the tail housing, with a stamped “Q1” below the “T-10 1B” on the main case, right side. 
• Carburetors: 2626-S front, and 2627-S rear are 283/245hp units from 1957, but not original to the 270HP engine application. 
• Valve covers: 7 fin valve covers.
• Radiator: 57B, Feb. 1957, and is correct.
• Headlights: “T-3”, correct for a 1957 Corvette. 


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