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Name of Bank: Rabo Bank Netherlands
Swift BIC Code: RABONL2U

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Iban nr.:NL40RABO0343506890
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Via – H. van Ingen Schenau - Italparts - BV
Address: Unikenstraat 40
Postal Code: 9501 XE
City: Stadskanaal
Country: Netherlands 

Chamber of Commerce: 02061626
VAT: NL806634571B01
EORI Nr.: NL806634571



Who we are

Hans van Ingen Schenau and Company is a small firm specialized in selling parts for Italian cars and pre war cars in the Netherlands.
It's a Company with global contacts and selling parts worldwide.
We have 38 years of experience in selling and locating parts for Italian- and pre war cars.

Our history

Hans van Ingen Schenau and Company started in 1978 with selling Fiat parts for the older range of Fiats.
In 1987 Fiat outsourced to the Company the rights to be a service industry for Fiat.
In 1995 Hans van Ingen Schenau wrote some books for a German company about his experience of the market value of cars and motorbikes (click here for the covers of his books).
His experience and his big library (with contains a wide collection of press photographs and sales brochures) gives the readers a good view of stories about car and motorbike companies and its models.
The same publisher asked him to be chief editor for a German Oldtimer Magazine.
But spare parts for Italian- and pre war cars always remained always the core business for his Company.

In August 2000 the Company went with its business on the Internet in order to provide a faster and more up-to-date way of service to its global customers.
The site is updated every week and has a easy to use button for all the new products that the company has to offer.

Our reputation

Customers are often asking Hans van Ingen Schenau to assist them in restoring their show cars.
His wide experience of the right parts, knowing where to get them and being able to deliver fast makes it in many cases for the customer the finishing touch to have an excellent show car that often turns out to be a winner!

A customers question as "where can I find these rare parts for my car" is the main challenge for the company to help the customer in finding and delivering what he wants