Dear customers,
You see my new website with only a few parts.
These parts are left over in my stock after my retirement.
When you have questions or request for something special, send me a mail:
May be I can help, I only stopped with my big stock with parts.
The website is easy build up with good pictures.

Page CARS:
The cars we have for sale are from private customers.
Many private customers do not like it, that their cars are on the internet
and ask us for silent sales.
We have and know many interesting cars or restoration projects for sale.

Lot of interesting parts what we have now in stock.

You find all our firm information and bank details.

We can help with all kind of lights, also for the prewar-cars.
Specially we have many possibilities for the prewar and postwar
Alfa Romeo Cars as:
6C 1750 and 6C 2300/2500.

We are specialized in Italian car parts for the cars from 1930 till in the 60th's.
Original lights, parts and accessories!

We know many old stocks, collectors and specialized firms with parts.
So please send us your request by mail and we try to help you
to locate the parts you are looking for.

Your help for all your parts and cars,
Hans van Ingen Schenau